The LRC: A Student Testimonial

It is often said that language is the most powerful connector between people. The thought of random sounds strung together having the infinite power to elate, infuriate or illuminate people is truly fascinating. However, questions arise about what the power of language is centered around; is language solely sound based? Must people understand each others languages to understand each other? How much do the way the sounds are made tell you about the situation you are in?

The Language Resource Center at the University of Michigan has understood the importance of these questions, and has begun to help me, and countless other students, realize the power of language in their own lives.

Being fluent in Greek, French and English from a young age I have always been intrigued by the power of my voice in different scenarios. This has led me to yearn for, at minimum, a rudimentary understanding of all languages and how they connect to their cultural home. The Language Resource Center has provided me with culturally applicable resources in different languages that show the languages used in their home culture. For example, I have been able to watch Russian TV and listen to the intonations of the actors. This has helped me appreciate that the speed of the Russian language can be connected to the speed of Russian culture and society. Furthermore, I have been able to explore how differing speaking volumes hint at specific countries cultural preferences. For example, Greeks tend to speak very loud and passionately, often you will see two people yelling at each other, and yet they truly are having what they consider a casual conversation. Yet in American cultural quiet speaking is much more the norm. Conversations in public seem to become private by the whispering and shushing that occurs. While it may be a stretch, there is an argument that connects these cultural differences to the differing senses of community in each country.

Even though these connections and questions are daunting, the Language Resource Center at the University of Michigan is a place in which I am able to attempt to learn more about these subjects. And begin to understand the power of the languages I speak, not only through their sound but also through their cultural importance. I am so excited to delve deeper into the issues of the importance of language and its power.

— Patrick M., University of Michigan student



Stressed About Language Midterms?

Come check out the University of Michigan Language Resource Center; we can help!

The LRC has many resources to help students out in their language classes. Whether it’s expanding proficiency or just starting out, we have materials for every level!


Don’t have your textbook on you and need something for class? No problem! The LRC has copies of most 1st & 2nd yr language textbooks for you to use in the center and copy the pages you need.

Tutor Bank and Conversation Partners

Need some extra help before an exam? Check out the list of tutors the LRC has put together. The tutors are organized by language. Also provided is their proficiency, their pricing, and their contact information!

If you’d like a speaking partner to practice with, we can help you with that as well! Check out the conversation partners list on our website!

Need Help With Listening Skills?

We have hundreds of movies in dozens of different languages ranging from Harry Potter to old video projects for classes. Most of these have English subtitles to help you out. All Available for use in the center.

Independent Learning Kits!

If you’d like additional practice outside of the classroom, the LRC has dozens of self-teaching kits available to be checked out. These range from the basics to the higher levels of learning a language.

Mango and Yabla!

Whether you’re learning a new language or want to brush up on one you’re proficient in, check out two of our online learning programs. The LRC has purchased descriptions for students to use, just sign in with your unique name! These programs are great because they’re organized by topics and by levels. They also show you how long you’ve spent on each program!

Check them out here:

Translate-a-thon Oct 23rd-25th

Come help out your community this weekend by translating for non-profits around Ann Arbor! You can also bring your own project to work on! Work in groups or on your own! This is a great way to expose yourself to new material and realize how your language abilities can make a difference in the world!

As always, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to stop by the LRC in North Quad room 1500 from 8:30a-10p M-Th, 8:30-5:30p F, and 12:30-10p Sun,  check out our website, call, or email us!


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