Language Bank: The Voices of Translators

Below is a link to a video created by the LRC’s Language Bank to highlight the experiences of our translators. Take a look!

Language Bank: The Voices of Translators.


About the Language Bank!

Here’s a great new blog to follow: the Language Bank! Check them out!

LRC Language Bank

Hi Everyone!

We are the Language Bank and we’re excited to engage with you all over this year and the many to come. We are a resource within the Language Resource Center that has partnered up with local community organizations and nonprofits to assist in their translation needs and requests. These translation requests come from a range clients, from local nonprofits that provide services such as food pantries to families hoping to get documents translated for their adoptive children.

The basics are pretty straightforward. People submit their translation requests to us, specifying from which to which language they would like their translation. We at the Language Bank will run through our database for volunteers who match these criteria. We then connect volunteers to our clients so that they can communicate—easy!

We have requests coming for both interpreting and translating. When I first started working at the Language Bank, I didn’t…

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